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It’s Time - Ghost Immobiliser Cost Your Business Now!
It’s Time - Ghost Immobiliser Cost Your Business Now!
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가입일: 2022-04-02

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The Ghost immobiliser is a device that stops your car's engine from beginning. It is easily installed on any vehicle since it works with the CAN network. It has a small, weatherproof design that thieves won't be able to detect. So, you won't be worried about your car being stolen.



Like other immobilisers Ghost doesn't transmit any signals to the world, and therefore it can't be bypassed by thieves. The code isn't able to be copied by thieves since it doesn't work in conjunction with key-fobs , LED indicators or key-fobs. Using the buttons on the steering wheel, dashboard and the centre console, Ghost lets you set an individual PIN that is unique to you. This makes it impossible for anyone to duplicate keys or to reprogram the system.



The Ghost immobiliser is the newest advancement in immobilisation technology. To stop the unauthorized cloning of keys and Ghost Alarms hacking, the device is connected to the vehicle's CAN bus network. It stops cars from being driven until the driver enters a code. When the user has entered their code, the system prevents the vehicle from being moved. It also helps prevent car thieves from making off with your valuables, ghost vehicle security by making sure that you have your key that is in the ignition.



Ghost communicates with your vehicle's ECU unit by using buttons that are different than other systems for immobilisation. Without entering a PIN code, your car won't be able to start. The Ghost immobiliser prevents thieves from stealing expensive metal. You can be assured that your car won't start if you use an unreliable key. In addition to the immobiliser's benefits as well, a Ghost car tracker allows you to locate your stolen vehicle, which is a great method to secure your precious metal.



Ghost communicates with your car's ECU unit. It operates invisibly and doesn't reveal your exact location. This is a crucial feature because it negates the need for key cloning and ECU swapping. As an added bonus there is an option to select between a Ghost or an ECU cloning service. Installation is simple and inexpensive. It is not necessary to pay again for auto watch ghost key cloning and immobilisation .



The Ghost immobiliser connects to the vehicle's ECU unit, which helps to stop the car from being stolen. Its CAN bus functionality is ideal for vehicles that aren't protected by a lock. The Ghost II CAN bus is additionally supported by the Ghost II. This is the first aftermarket CANbus immobiliser that can be linked to the International Security Register. It's easy to set up and can be used in any vehicle.



Ghost immobilisers are difficult to defeat. It is among the most effective forms of vehicle security and cannot be removed physically. It also is a good choice for people who own a luxury car. Ghost immobilisers will safeguard valuable possessions and stop theft. The best method of choosing a Ghost is to select the one that best suits your needs. This is an autowatch system that can't be easily bypassed.



Ghost Ghost is the first aftermarket can bus immobiliser. It is compatible with the ECU unit in a car and is able to communicate with the vehicle's CANbus. It prevents key cloning and ECU swapping. It only needs your personal code. Ghost Alarms Ghost is the best solution for your requirements regardless of whether or not you want your car to be affixed and not traceable. It is also easily identified.



The Ghost is a tiny immobiliser, weatherproof, Ghost alarms that connects with the vehicle's ECU unit. The CAN bus data network is safe and the probability of being detected is low. The unique reset code makes it possible to start your car with no requirement for an PIN code. It's also simple to remove and install. It is equipped with a CAN bus, which allows it to be placed nearly anywhere.






Ghost Alarms
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